Radio Astronomy Systems Research Group

Array Antenna and Signal Processing Systems for Radio Astronomy

Research Areas

  • Development of next-generation phased array feed antennas for radio telescopes
  • Radio frequency interference cancellation systems and algorithms to mitigate man-made interference for sensitive astronomical observations
  • Array signal processing algorithms for phased array feeds, aperture arrays, and synthesis imaging arrays
  • Technology development for the international Square Kilometer Array (SKA) project
  • Ionospheric calibration for low frequency imaging arrays





Sebastian van der Tol (T.U. Delft)

Group Members


Jonathan Landon (PhD)
Mike Elmer (PhD)
Vikas Asthana (PhD)
David Carter (MS)
Taylor Webb (MS)
Manoj Adhikari (BS)


Brett Walkenhorst (MS, 2001) - PhD Georgia Tech
Andrew Poulsen (MS) - PhD MIT, NSF Fellow
Weizhen Dong (MS)
Chad Hansen (MS, 2004) - NGC
Chris Ashworth (MS, 2006)
Jacob Campbell (MS, 2005) - Rincon
James Nagel (MS, 2006) - PhD U. Utah
David Jones (MS, 2008)
Jacob Waldron (MS, 2008)
Micah Lillrose (MS, 2007)
Michael Mendoza (BS)
Jon Leininger (BS)
Jiyoung Son (BS)
Alan Stemmons (MS, 2009)